1. Nodal Department for water resources management, survey & investigation of major water resources projects in the State & planning for its implementation.
  2. Construction, operation & maintenance of major, medium and minor irrigation works.
  3. Flood control & construction of flood protection works.
  4. Command Area Development and related works.
  5. Land protection for agricultural purposes.
  6. Watershed Management.
  7. Construction of departmental building & roads leading to project site.
  8. Establishment of Participatory Irrigation Management
  9. Ground water development for irrigation.
  10. Pricing of irrigation water.
  11. River Basin Management.
  12. Plasticulture in irrigation.

NB: These Rules of Business Allocation were framed during 1995, with the advent of time, the need for holistic management of water resources has come up. Therefore, these Rules are under amendment. On approval of the competent authority the revised Rules shall be immediately uploaded.